I am a competitive Colchester based Laundry Ironing Service, please see my pricing below. Please contact  07969775853, email or go to our Contact Page to get in touch!

Ironing service – bundles

My Ironing service offers a range of money saving bundles. Excludes bedding. For smaller orders or individual items please click here.

Professional: up to 10 items with a maximum of 5 shirts/dresses/blouse. £12.00 – Free delivery.

Small Family: up to 20 items with a maximum of 10 shirts/dresses/blouse. £20.00 – Free delivery.

Large Family: up to 40 items with a maximum of 15 shirts/dresses/blouse. £35.00 – Free delivery



Shirt – £1.25

T Shirt/Polo Shirt – £1.00

Trousers/Jeans – £1.15

Dresses  – £1.60

Skirts  – £1.40

Sweater or Sweatshirt – £1.20

Childrens Clothing will be priced at £0.80 per item for ages under 11.

Childrens shirts under 11  – £1.00


Single Sheet – £1.80

Single Duvet – £2.10

Double Sheet – £2.25

Double Duvet – £2.55

King Size Sheet – £2.80

King Size Duvet- £3.10

Super King Size Sheet – £3.20

Super King Size Duvet – £3.50

Pillow Cases £0.75


If there is an item not on the list please let me know and I will provide a quote!

Please do not over tumble dry your clothing, any items over tumble dried will be returned at no cost with a note explaining this.

If you are happy with my Colchester Laundry Ironing Service please leave a review

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